— Jorge Natalin

Background to In Atmospheres, recorded live 2010:

From since the early beginnings of my recording career, I started combining analogue instruments, mainly the guitar, with electronic components. I remember, I was once reversing and repeating a wind like sound from a field recording, to create some sort of beat, to create non traditional atmospheres. Further I was combining this resultante in structures with traditional guitar sounds.

This experiment has eventually led me to this live with band performance and recording. It features material from my 2007 In Atmospheres solo recordings. I set out to create an out of the box merger between techno music and analogue rock music.

The band features me on electric guitar, Tim Egmond on keys and effects and recording the set, Tijmen Ruizendaal on percussion and samples and Klaas de Jong on analogue drums. In Atmospheres was intended and recorded to be 1 piece of music. It is not meant to be experienced as 4 different tracks with pause in between them, or changed in order.


In Atmospheres Part II is coming 2018. This could become the artwork, not sure yet.

This album will feature a collection of my In Atmospheres solo recordings I created in 2007, as well as further work from 2009 and 2010, which I did with Tim Egmond recording and also taking part in composition and production. I will bring all of these recordings together on In Atmospheres Part II.


Balcony West EP is online, it was created in 2010. This EP features 4 tracks with vocals and 1 instrumental piece. Raw and pure, it was recorded in just a few sessions at home.

Limited edition artwork prints are coming soon.

Post update: November 22, 2017:

Listen to Balcony West EP here:

My new track Perceptor is out. Listen here:

Genre- bending, somewhere between rock and dance. Ambient, avant- garde, experimental, original. A modern hybrid between the Jimi Hendrix psychedelica and the insanity of the club that never closes.

Limited edition artwork prints are coming soon.


My new track Perceptor is coming soon. Stay tuned.


I have released music: Transmissions EP, Extentions EP, Pachamama EP and single We all must go. Click here to listen. Artwork for We all must go shows Compositions of the universe by Els Botman. Thank you.

Post update: November 22, 2017:

Listen to We all must go Extended here:

In Atmospheres is also in Spotify, and other places.

In Atmospheres was recorded live in 2010 and was intended to be 1 piece of music, it was not meant to be played as 4 consecutive tracks with pause in between them, or to be changed in order. Listen to In Atmospheres the way we recorded it and how we intended it to be heard. Click here:

November 3rd I’ll be playing at De Hallen in Amsterdam.
Just my acoustic guitar and my voice.
More information soon.


I have put my track Exhale up on SoundCloud. This is a premaster and is a preview to Pachamama EP. Click here to listen:

Post update: November 22, 2017:

This is the mastered version, as featured on Pachamama EP:

– – – – –
– – – – –

Sitting here
All alone
Wasting time
Now you’re gone

I am lost
Into nowhere
View in endless
Do I dare?
Do I care?

– – – – –
– – – – –

This is all I am
I’ m just a mortal man

– – – – –
– – – – –

December 11th I’ll be playing at Dwaze Zaken in Amsterdam.
Acoustic guitar and voice will both be amplified.
More information soon.

December 17th I’ll be playing at Hermitage in Amsterdam.
Just my acoustic guitar and my voice.
More information soon.

December 5th I’ll be playing at Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam.
Just my acoustic guitar and my voice.
More information will follow shortly.

This was yesterday
Up and on my way
Sea of confusion
I am just an illusion

There is a hole in the sky
Please don’t ask me why
Diamonds in your eyes
You’ll always be my blue sky

I know I can break the habit
No one will never regret it
I know I can never be mine
Ego is so unkind

– – – – –
– – – – –


I have put my track Promenade up on SoundCloud. It was recorded in 2016 and was used as part of the soundtrack for an episode of KRO Brandpunt. Click here to listen: