— Jorge Natalin


I have uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. It is a teaser for The moon is playing tricks on me again. Check it out here:

I have made a sweet little promo video. It features Little lullaby from Balcony West EP, 2010. Enjoy:

Sound on: I just created another video. This video here features the track My uncle Ray, taken from Wonderland EP, recorded in 2009. Enjoy:

Sound on: a little video I recently created for my song By the sea, which I recorded in 2002. The video shows a drawing from my Fractured series. Click here to view more:

Sound on: as another preview to my upcoming Must be dreaming EP, I created this short clip. It features part of the track The moon is playing tricks on me again. Somewhere in between rock and dance, with a prominent role for the electric guitar. Stay tuned for more to come.