— Jorge Natalin


Image as inspiration for a new song, Amsterdam Sunset.

I took a bite out of the moon
Just infinity too soon
No more truly means no
I do not have to go

Sound on: I just created another video. This video here features the track My uncle Ray, taken from Wonderland EP, recorded in 2009. Enjoy:

Sound on: as another preview to my upcoming Must be dreaming EP, I created this short clip. It features part of the track The moon is playing tricks on me again. Somewhere in between rock and dance, with a prominent role for the electric guitar. Stay tuned for more to come.

Limited editions are now available!

Fine art prints for Perceptor, Extentions EP and Balcony West EP, as well as a not related to any release linocut fine art print, are now available through my Bandcamp. These limited editions for Perceptor, Extentions EP and Balcony West EP come with unique and handmade cds. Fine art print for Extentions EP features the original red image, the black and white one will follow somewhere soon. Support the music, support the art, support the artist.

Click here:

When I released Pachamama, I meant for it to be released as an EP, and to be titled Pachamama EP. The album consists of 7 tracks and features less than 30 minutes of music, 19 minutes something. I consider this to be an EP, but hey, this is just me. Since Pachamama is now also available in other places online, it is no longer out as an EP, and the artwork has changed as well. It is now considered an album, since it has 7 songs. Anyway, here is my opening track for Pachamama, Amsterdam Sunrise:


I have put my track Exhale up on SoundCloud. This is a premaster and is a preview to Pachamama EP. Click here to listen:

Post update: November 22, 2017:

This is the mastered version, as featured on Pachamama EP: