I am Jorge Natalin and this is my webspace.
Thank you for listening to my music. 

I am a musician from Amsterdam.
I play guitar.
I have recorded and performed with various artists.
Currently I mostly operate solo.

I play original instrumentals.
I play full on techno with psychedelic rock guitar and live band.
I play intimate acoustic guitar and voice only solo songs.
I play music.

Voor Astrid, single – out everywhere September 2nd, 2020.


Review for In Atmospheres –
By Matt Howarth/ Sonic Curiosity:

JORGE NATALIN: In Atmospheres (limited edition CD on Natalin Music)

This release from 2010 offers 33 minutes of guitar dance music.

Natalin plays guitar.
He is joined by: Tim Egmond on keyboards and effects, Klaas de Jong on drums, and Tijmen Ruizendaal on percussion and samples.
An interesting fusion of trance and rock achieved entirely without computers.
The rhythms establish a sinuous presence of durable beats fairly reminiscent of a garage band.

The guitar is the pivotal instrument, belting out growling sustains and warbling chords that walk a fine line between abstract and traditional rock music.
The strings are subjected to experimental sensibilities while manifesting a conventional resonance.
The keyboards provide a grounding element with their slippery sweeps.
Additional effects flesh out the tunes with novel enhancements.

These compositions pursue a goal of creating dance music centering on guitar instead of electronics.
The result is quite alluring, with rock guitar stylings supporting the driving rhythms and generating tuneage possessing an eccentric appeal.